• What is a Grout Sleeve?

    Sep 27

    Recently, we have had some customers asking about our grout sleeves. This product has been around for years, and it saves labor and enhances safety. But it never really gained traction in wind project construction until recently. Grout sleeves replace foam rings that are typically installed on the rods at ...

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  • Challenges of Bolt Tensioning

    Aug 5

    If you are involved in wind-energy construction or operations and maintenance, you know that foundation anchor bolt tensioning requires careful attention to the equipment and procedures to achieve effective and precise results. There have been some real challenges of late as engineers design foundations with larger rods, more rods, and ...

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  • Foundation Maintenance

    Aug 4

    We all know that the highly engineered foundation is of fundamental importance to the longevity and soundness of a wind turbine generator.  Even so, foundations are all too often overlooked during regular maintenance intervals.  

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  • Ironclad Grout Sleeves

    Jul 27

    As part of the grouting process, anchor bolts on wind turbine foundations must be protected from exposure to grout for proper tensioning. IronClad Grout Sleeves are the simple and easy solution.

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