Bolt Cleaning Tool

Clean bolts are essential to control the tensioning process. The bolt cleaner is mainly developed to prepare wind turbine foundation bolts for tower installation. The Bolt Cleaner ensures efficient cleaning of bolts and re-moves corrosion and dirt.

  • Durable tool with disposable inserts for easy change-out
  • Intuitive design with minimal replacement parts
  • Delivers clean threads for optimal bolt tensioning
  • Outstanding wear resistance with dimensional stability

Bolt cleaning is made easy due to the intelligent and fast applicable design. This means spending your resources on activities that matter. The Danhydra bolt cleaner is an intuitive design. With minimal parts that allow you to work quickly while ensuring high quality results. Basically, using the Danhydra bolt cleaner, eliminates time-consuming manual cleaning of the bolt's efficient and repeatable process.

The “snap in” design for replacement brush packs make change-outs fast and easy. The Danhydra bolt cleaner can be used for other applications in the industry in general. It is compatible with a wide range of diameters from M30 to M76, with effective lengths from 230 mm to 330 mm.

Additional sizes available upon request.

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