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Welcome To NTC Wind Energy

We provide utility scale wind turbine foundation construction products and services. Our patented Ironclad™ bolt caps are the standard of the industry and are specified by nearly all foundation design engineers. In addition to cap installation and service, we provide foundation anchor bolt tensioning services, foundation grouting, and foundation and bolt restoration services.

NTC Wind Energy also specializes in solving unique problems associated with foundation construction. We’ve designed, fabricated and patented specialty tensioning tools to address problems associated with short bolts and tight tower wall clearances. We’ve also developed templates for bolt cage construction, cutting manpower by as much as 75% and greatly enhancing safety.

NTC Wind Energy's Ironclad bolt caps are made of a very resilient, UV resistant poly-propylene copolymer. This material is custom fit to each bolt size and is flexible enough to grip the bolt so that it cannot be easily removed after being mechanically installed. Yet, the caps are stiff enough that they form a virtually air and water tight seal against the tower base flange, protecting the anchor bolt and the specialized anti-corrosion grease applied to the bolt.